Your beadwork - care

Thank you for purchasing Dax bead art

Your purchase is hand-made from tiny glass beads woven with beading thread. As any other piece of valued jewelry or keepsake it requires special care.

When properly cared for beadwoven jewelry and keepsakes will serve you for many years to come and may even stay in your family for generations.

Care instructions

1. Please store your beadwoven items in a dry place that is protected from direct sunlight. Glenda uses only high quality materials in her creations; however, many types of seed beads can tarnish, change, or even loose their color if stored in high moisture, heat or sunlight. Those conditions may also damage the thread, making it brittle.

2. A soft pouch will prevent seed beads, crystals and gems in your woven items from chipping and scratching.

3. Avoid dropping or tossing your beadwoven item onto hard surfaces.

4. Never expose beadwoven items to water, perfume or any other chemicals (including soap and other detergents, crèmes, lotions, disinfectants, etc.).

5. Do not wear it when doing dishes, taking showers or swimming.

6. Make sure to take it off before going to bed.