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Prior to this quarter, the only wiki I had heard of was Wikipedia. Thanks to this class, I have been made aware of the many uses of this technology.

This quarter, my cohortmates and I have contributed some valuable resources to our shared wikis.  Of course, this has not come easily to some of us.  I spent one morning working on the Families wiki, only to delete most of what my family members had worked so hard to add.  Thanks to Beci, I was rescued and life has improved.  (And I was not voted off the island).

I made eight additions to the cohort wiki and feel that my best contribution was the Arts4Culture web link.  This website has a lengthy list of arts agencies in the Puget Sound Region that will be useful for classroom teachers.  The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics was something I learned about in my Math for Elementary School Teachers class at Shoreline.  When I posted it, I didn’t realize that it was the resource that Jason and Bubba were presenting to the class. Oops. Two of the other additions that I made, Puzzlemaker and Artisan Cam are just fun. 

My favorite of my seven additions to the Technology wiki had to do with art – the Texture project and Found Alphabet project would be wonderful to do with students.  For my Families wiki, I believe my video, web links, and articles were helpful.

During the quarter I have found this technology to be slightly addicting.  Many times I have found myself working on my blog or adding to the wikis when I really should have been reading or working on papers for my other classes.

Now that I have had the experience of adding to the cohort wikis, I see the value in having this tool available for classroom use.  It has been inspiring to see all of the ideas and resources that have been added.  I think that the many of these could be put to use in most any classroom, of course some are more appropriate for students in the intermediate to middle grades.  I can see myself using this technology for a family funds of knowledge project or for journaling in the classroom.

Wikis have great potential for professional development as well; educators could make use of this technology rather than sit through boring staff development sessions. 

I think I am comfortable with this technology and its use.  I do, however have some concerns regarding Internet safety, especially for students.