Dawn Lim-Outsider Artist

"I make marks and see where they lead me"


When explorers first met An Emperor in China and took up trading together, the emperor asked, “What are these marks on the faces of your paintings?”  Of which was a reply that these were the shadows, the Emperor supposedly looked at the painting again and gave a response, we paint our faces white, why do you paint the shadows; it makes your faces look dirty.

This self-portrait was drawn about 20 years ago in Amphitheatre, I can see now that I used the wrong color for the shadows under the cheek bones, and can agree with the Chinese Emperor.

  I was then a realist painter, but since getting a degree, I now paint in an abstract style. It has also been pointed out to me that I can rightly be considered an outsider artist which I can adopt because of my illness.


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My main blog and website is now at dawnlim.com.au

I am currently running an art retreat at Moonbeam Cottages  and have an art gallery, conference centre and cafe/restaurant at Rainbow Gallery, Moonambel.