Watching Clocks Sing in Turkish

A Year in Istanbul

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Watching Clocks Sing in Turkish is an e-book detailing the story of Dawnelle Salant’s year-long adventure as an English teacher in Istanbul. Bizarre theatre performances, new religious customs, currency that comes by the millions and an unusual school system initially cause Dawnelle to doubt her determination to immerse herself in this foreign culture. She soon learns that in Turkey, mundane activities like simple trips to the grocery store, public baths and hair salons can result in surprising experiences.

Told with an open mind, this unabashed account of life in Turkey illuminates Dawnelle’s uncanny tendency to encounter the absurd and then simultaneously struggle with and celebrate these incidents. Watching Clocks Sing in Turkish takes the reader on a humorous journey around the entire country as Dawnelle travels the pathway that ends in complete appreciation for Turkey and its people. With its intriguing history, remarkable architecture and extraordinary landscape, Turkey’s offerings easily capture the heart of any visitor.

Anyone who has followed their dream of starting a new life abroad will be able to relate to Dawnelle’s ups and downs as she attempts to find her place in the country she comes to love. Watching Clocks Sing in Turkish is an entertaining and informative read for anyone who plans to spend time in Turkey, or has already visited this unique country. Includes information and advice for planning your own trip.


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