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this page contains an excerpt  from  The Rockwood Times, Rockwood, Roane, Co, TN on 7 Oct 1926 which contained family information about the men who died in the Roane Iron Company mine disaster on  4 Oct 1926

"The list of dead, with the family left by each as given The Times at the company office, is as folows: Will RODGERS, married, 5 children; H.M. GRIFFIS, married, 4 children; A.J. GRIFFIN, single; Ben GIBSON, single; Sam TAYLOR, married, 3 childlren; Lee JOLLY, married several children; Ira NELSON, single; Van KIRBY, married, 4 children; P.C. CRAVEN, married, 2 grown children; S.P. WHITTIER, married, 6 children; Harry LINGO, married; Will TEAGUE, married, 7 children; Arthur TEAGUE, married, 5 children; W.C. ELLIOT, single; C.B. DAVIS, married, 1 child, C.C. STEVENS, married, 10 children, Philip GALYON, married; Jess DALE, married; Walter CUNNINGHAM, married, 2 children; E.G. SMITH, married, 1 child (is son-in-law of Will RODGERS); Clyde TEAGUE, single, son of Will TEAGUE, Will ARMOUR, single; Frank BOLES, single; Hector SMITH, single; J.A. FREELS, married, 4 children; G.C. McCOY, married; Frank HINDS, married, 3 children; Dave BRUMMETT, married, 6 children; George RIDDLE, married, 6 children."

Source: The Rockwood Times, "Thirteen Bodies Removed from Mine," 7 Oct 1926, Rockwood, TN

  • EDITING Note: I have capitalized the surnames here and have done some minor editing of obvious typos, but I changed no surname spellings.

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