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Research into the the GILES Family of Roane County, Tennessee suggests that they likely entered the county in the 1820s - maybe just a bit earlier.


Records for Roane County, Tennessee show a William GILES paying the poll tax for one white person in the Hiwassee District in 1823. Since the tax is for men over twenty-one, this would not have been the William who married Peggy Hensley - that is, William GILES (2). He is apparently, however, the William GILES who migrated to Gentry Co, MO, and who is likely the likely the father of William (2).


 Census records for 1830 show a John GILES in Roane Co. His relationship to the GILES/HENSLEY line  -  if any - is presently unknown.  He may well be related to William GILES (1),  father of the William GILES who married Margaret "Peggy" HENSLEY.  John GILES, aged between ten and fifteen, appears independently on page 16 of the 1830 Roane County census. The only one in his household, he is enumerated as being a free white male between 10 and 15, giving him a birth range from 1815 to 1820.

What may or may not be significant is that on the following census page (p 17), Richard HYDEN (aka HYTEN, HIDEN, HEITEN, etc in various county documents is enumerated. If I am correct in assuming that this John GILES is the brother of Benjamin GILES both of whom appear in the 1860 Gentry Co, MO census [ here and here ] near  other GILES men believed by me to be brothers or uncles of the two men, the HYDEN proximity in this census might be a clue helping to establish that John is part of the William GILES (1) line. According to the 1860 census, the spouse of this John GILES of Roane Co, TN and then Gentry Co, MO was Mary, whose birth surname is unknown to me at this time.

The chronology and notes about the family's early presence in Roane County, Tennessee is explored more fully on a page at my rootsweb site | here |. To explore this family line even further, use the menu in the sidebar to your right (on this current page).

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