Dawn Donadio Photography



Everyone has their own story:  The way she sings when she thinks no one can hear. How the boy who once teased the girl next door, now can not see his life without her. The way their lfe has changed after one simple test.

Everyone has their own story and I have mine. I have had a camera around me for as long as I can remember. The first camera I remember had a cute "Pound Puppies" picture on the front. I am happy to say that I have advanced since then!

During college I was always seen in the art building. But it wasn't until my 3rd year that I decided to change my major to photography. I am blessed that my parents gave me the motivation to change majors only one year away from graduation. But after my first step into the darkroom I knew this is what I would dedicate my life to, and there was no turning back!

I used to think that time passed so fast that I often missed the important times. I loved how I could capture those moments with just a snap of my camera. A world that used to spin around me in a whirlwind I now had frozen in time.

Remember everyone has their own story...Thank you for letting me capture yours.