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Countdown Treasure Hunt Tourney



  • This is an agency match, any agency is eligible 
  • The competition will begin on Monday May 18, 2009  at turnover. 
  • Any agency interested in joining either post on the tournament thread or send a PM to  ctown28
  • There will be 3 divisions based on agency size to level the playing field.  This will be determined by both subbed and unsubbed detectives in the agency.
  • Division A = 1-4 detectives
  • Division B = 6-9 detectives
  • Division C = 10+ detectives
  • Each agency will start the match with a predetermined number of points.
  • Division A = 5,200 points
  • Division B = 6,200 points
  • Division C = 7,200 points
  • The object of the match is to get down to 0 points.
  • When a treasure is found, the number of fame points awarded will be subtracted from the agencies score.
  • Agencies must complete at least one hunt from each faction.
  • Agencies must get to exactly 0 points.  If the score goes past 0, it will be reset to the last lowest score and will cap at 100 points (the lowest possible number of fame points that can be gained)  NOTE: If you go below 100 points, you will need to complete a higher level hunt to reset back to 100.
  • If at any time during the match, while recruiting detectives for your agency, you happen to add a detective your score will go up by 100 points, if the new member causes you to change divisions, your score will also go up a division.  All completed TH's at the point will remain deducted from the total score.  You will NOT subtract points if you drop a detective and you fall into a lower bracket so be sure to have your roster set before the match begins.
  • When a hunt is completed, you need to post in the tournament thread what hunt is completed, how many fame points and what faction it is completed for.  If it is not posted in the thread, you will not get credit for the hunt.
  • Only treasure hunts started after 00:00 May 18, 2009 will be eligible.
  • No agency jumping will be allowed throughout the tournament.
  • Any questions should be PMed to ctown28
  • As always, the most important rule is to have fun.




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