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Detective Brady Quinn (Founder & Honorary Member)


Detective Brady Quinn is the founder of Dawg Pound Investigations.  He was the 22nd pick of the 2007 NFL draft selected by the Cleveland Browns after they traded their 2008 1st round draft pick to bring him to Cleveland.  While getting board holding the clipboard while backing up starting QB Derek Anderson, Quinn decided to start a detective agency to pass the time while he awaits his first NFL start.


Director - ctown28


Better to have loved and lost…..blah blah blah

What a load of bunk!

ctown28 is the illegitimate son of a mafia hit man. This made his life difficult from the start. While spending most of his childhood in and out of juvenile detention centers, it did make for one tough customer.

After entering adulthood and spending most of his time in the seediest of bars, the greasiest spoons, and the apartments of some of the loosest women imaginable, ctown28 may have found himself a permanent home in a little corner of the world called Sleuthville. But then again, there’s always a twist and it usually involves a woman.

She walked into his office on a steamy summer afternoon. Her appearance was breathtaking. With her long black hair and seductive eyes, she made her way across the room and removed her mink coat to reveal the skimpiest black dress he had ever seen and the highest heels imaginable. First she flashed him that killer smile that no mortal man could resist and then she spoke.

“Hello ctown28,” she said. “I’ve heard a thing or two about you. I’ve seen your kind come and go a million times. You make your way into town with this tough guy image, but I know the truth. I’ve noticed something about you, underneath it all your not so tough, I can see that you have a soft side and some may even go as far as to say you are sweet.”

With that, she reached out and kissed him ever so gently and then turned and left. What he didn’t count on was that this woman left an impression on him like no other had. She touched his heart and he couldn’t get her out of his mind.

Since that eventful afternoon, the young detective has had many restless nights just thinking about her and hearing those words again and again. Could she be right about him? Is the tough guy image just a façade? Is he really *shudders* “sweet”?

Better to have loved and lost indeed….
Whoever coined that phrase has never met the mysterious woman that is simply known as……Big Lucy


Director - lilangel


Director - topkebab


You arrive at the office of detective topkebab and see that there are 5 letterboxes in the door. There is a note tacked above them.*

"Sorry I'm not in at the moment, I'm very close to catching a murderer.

If your friend has been murdered and you need a top-notch detective to solve the case, leave your contact details in BOX 1.

If you are the murderer I am SO very close to catching, don't bother breaking in there's nothing worth stealing and it would only make me MAD. Instead, why don't you leave your contact details in BOX 2.

If you are from the police department wondering why I keep solving the cases you can't, leave your contact details in BOX 3.

If you are from City News wondering why I keep solving the cases the police can't, please leave your contact details and available interview times in BOX 4.

If you are selling insurance, leave the brochure in BOX 5 but only if the policy includes reimbursement for paying off Shady.

If you are the person who's been ringing the doorbell for the past 5 minutes, then STOP because I'm obviously not here to let you in.

However if you are ringing the doorbell because you are the pizza delivery guy, please leave it by the door and take the tip under the mat.

Have a good day."


Director - Bonelady 


A life long Browns fan, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Bonelady is an artist by trade. Her gift for creativity along with her outrageous personality enabled her to create "The BoneLady."

What makes "The BoneLady" so special is the message behind it all, "Be Who You Are." This quirky but loveable character was born out of a celebration for her favorite football team's return to the NFL after a 3 year absence. Her excitement inspired her to do some "radical" things to herself and her car.

Bonelady took her Volvo station wagon and painted it like a Browns helmet. She then placed an eight foot light up bone on the roof and decorated every inch inside and out with Browns memorabilia and "Bone Paraphernalia." Her car became known as "The Bone Mobile." Being an artist, she couldn't just leave it at that, so she went to her garage, donned with her glue gun and emerged as "The BoneLady."

Since then, she has realized that she is simply following her soul's path and only by doing that will she be truly happy. She is certain that so many of the positive things that have happened to her are because of this character she has created and her decision to follow her dream. She was honored in the Visa Hall of Fans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as the 2001 Fan of The Year for the Cleveland Browns. She has had opportunities to work with many charities and also promote sportsmanship with other ultimate fans while inspiring people to "be who they are." "She has been the life of the party ever since the Browns returned."


Officer -  Aunt Pittypat


Don't let the name fool ya. I can hunt down those criminals and kick their bums with the best of 'em.


Director - Poirot's Protege'

Working under the leadership of THE Dawg Pound Investigations. Also helping is my partner, "Whitie" the white parrot, who I consult with at all times. He has been trained by the Prince of Shangri-La's most valuable and highly skilled scholars.

Satelite Office: 28 Whitehaven Mansions, London

Motto: It is the brain, the little grey cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within-not without, mon ami. The Hercule Poirots need only to sit back in a chair and think. All crimes are psychological and having clues is not everything.

Life Style: Loves the finer things of life and luxury, including exotic drinks, exquisite dining, theatre and other arts along with very comfortable hotel rooms. Loathes dirt and disarray, and favors order, method, and symmetry.


Officer - Jack Dawkins


AKA the finger artist formerly known as the Artful Dodger.
Those gloves are for my arthritis!



Director - Makensie Brewer

Makensie was raised in NY and came from an alcoholic father,who was barely around, and a mother who, well, sold herself to other men for money. Her Mother was gorgeous, why she needed to do that, was beyonf her. When she reached 18 yrs old, she saw the men she brought home beginning to notice her. "You are beautiful just like your Mom,young lady...thats going to make u alot of money" Her Mom would just laugh.

She left as soon as she was able, and moved in with her Uncle, who was a cop. Thats how she landed her a detective job.

Oh, she put her great looks to work, alright. She can charm anyone into telling her all she needs to know on the cases she works on, and men give her exactly what she needs. Answers.

As for love? For her? Who needs it. It just causes trouble. Besides, there's too many men in the world...she chooses to play the field, and charm them all. Its safer that way!


Director - KOPPER

Never trust a big butt and a smile

The following makes me laugh:


Officer kidgame2004


Agent - Reely