Dawa Chronology

Chronology of events
Abdullah Weston Accepts Islam
Visits various Embassies in Mexico looking for Muslims
Mosque in torreon, Iranian translator 
Omar Weston Abdullah Weston´s brother accepts Islam
Found two small communities
    1.Yaseen Ramirez and Ali Lavin 
    2. A small group of embassy Staff and praying Friday prayers and Egyptian club
Friday Prayer is led by Muhammed Rumie from Chile
moved Jumuah to Pakistani Embassy
Omar Weston Establish weekly circle of studies at Pakistani Embassy
1990 Emirati Jammat visits for one month stays at Hotel in Mexico city 
Ahmed Fadel from Egypt becomes Imaam for Friday Prayer
1991 Omar Weston goes to Medina
Yaseen Ramirez passes away, small sufi group is divided between Ali and Pedro Meneses
1992 Petition to Mexican goverment by Muslim embassies for Mosque in Mexico City
1993 Omar Weston returns from Medina
Rents Musalah in Colonia del Valle
Dawa in Zocalo, every weekend we would go to pray Salat Al Duhr and Asr downtown in the Mexico´s city zocalo

Dawa in Subway
over a dozen new Muslims at the new center
1994 Omar Weston and some new converts forms Centro Cultural Islamico de Mexico
Book fair
First Mexicans get scholarships to Medina (Luis Ahmed) 
Friday prayers are still held at Pakistani Embassy with Ahmed Fadel as Imaam co shared with Omar Weston
Murabitoon visit Mexico previous relations with Yaseen Ramirez. 
Omar Weston Establish contact with Muslims in Guadalajara and Monterrey
Started Website WWW.ISLAM.COM.MX
Started Translating Project  In 1994 the literature on Islam was practically null a project was started
dopzens of books and articles started to be posted on the net

A participated in international book fair

Start doing missions to visit communities
cuidad Obregon
Send first group of Mexicans to Hajj

Opened Dawa affairs office in Saudi Embassy
joined Center and mosque under on place Musset, sponsored by Saudi embassy
book fairs
Foro por la Tolerancia religiosa

opened three story Islamic Center Colonia del Valle

Over 100 Mexican Muslim converts attending 


Former Presidente Fox invites Omar Weston to Educational Event in Guanajuato

To be continued


Dawa in the 90s Mexico City Arabic

Yusof Estes talks about Dawa in Mexico