DAWA is our way to salvation in the west, if we want the Ummah to get it´s true IZZA (it´s honor) returned to its original state we have to give DAWA

Since 1989 I´ve been trying hard to bring Islam to Mexico with the hope that Mexicans can find in Islam solutions for themselves and their society. My immediate goal is to create an Islamic friendly environment allowing people to get close to Muslims in a positive sense, that they can see truly effective work done by Muslims which benefit Mexicans as a whole.

Our Dawa program is based on working with and within the mainstream mexican society, dealing with people in many fields like, sport, tourism, agriculture, environment, media and more. 

Please take your time and see our program items. I honestly think we are making a difference but we need you on board.  I know you have plenty of burdens on your shoulders already and most likely you already do something for Dawa in your part of the world, but I´m sure you can do something to contribute to this cause in Mexico. Even if it´s only sharing this link with your friends.

May Allah bless you and keep us all on the right path till we meet the angel of death. May he remove our souls in the best state of affairs with Imaan and Taqwa. All praise is for Allah and His blessing be upon Muhammed SAW

Yours in Islam

Mark (Omar) Weston

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