Other Dawa Projects

As Muslims we should want to obtain Allah´s pleasure, during my years as a Muslims I´ve been involved with various organizations and Muslim communities and  among the ones I am most involved  today with are
Organización Islamica para Latino America y el Caribe, This organization was formed in Argentina in 1997. I was a founding member. The general idea was to form an umbrella organization for Latin America that would present a unified front for Islamic projects for Latin America and the Caribean. For the past 15 yrs we had  a  year meeting in different parts of latin America.. ISESCO finances and runs the meetings. 

Haiti development project, after the devastating earthquake in Haiti I went with a team to visit our Muslim brothers.  I personally got involved supporting our Muslim brothers in Cap haitian. So far we have supported this project helping them obtain water purifiers, 20 hectares of land from The Haitian government financing the paper work, with a water well and some basic support to needy Muslims. Which isn´t enough. Another visit is required and many books are needed in French.

Trees Give life, Brother Arif Malik visited us in Mexico and saw our work www.nuestrobosque.net and decided to form a Charity in the UK to support these efforts. 
AlHikmat Center in Mexico city, Isa Rojas accepted Islam many yrs back I still remember the day he came into our Islamic center then asking for information, straight after accepting Islam he  gave Dawa to his family who accepted Islam.   When he was in Medinah I visited a Saudi sheikh that was teaching Isa and was questioned about building a Mosque in Mexico, I gave him some historical facts and some property estimates, Isa offered his home property for a Mosque and Alhamdulillah he has been  building a center known as Al Hikmat, gradually.

Isa Rojas Graduated from Medina University in 2009 in less than a year of his return finished the main  phases of Alhikmat center. I hope Isa manages to keep focused and open, without imposing a leadership among the new Muslims and simply support the newcomers to learn about Islam keeping an eye on a bigger picture.  Al Hikmat Im sure will be a Dawa center without precedence in Mexico city. I hope and wish all the best for Isa and encourage people to support his cause in Mexico city. 

Tzotzil Muslims, a native indian community in San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas. Unfortunetely too many groups and people have tried to get involved in helping them without seriously helping and this has only made things more complicated.  I´ve tried encouraging them to find their own identity and their own projects and not only be dependant on other people helping them. Today the Tzotzil community is divided in three groups all from the same family.My proposal is to form a society with at least two members of each group and find a common cause for all. 

Chautengo is a beautiful place on the pacific coast of Mexico, even though the group of people we support there aren´t Muslim yet, they are very genuine people and their place is really worth developing as a Eco tourist attraction.

These are the projects that besides my own projects I support and endorse, I encourage you to learn about these projects, the people behind them and assist in their growth.

yours truly in Islam

Omar Weston