Supply Lists 2016-2017


Welcome to Kindergarten! Here are a few things we will be using during the kindergarten year. I will be purchasing classroom materials for each student, so everyone has the same materials and is ready to begin work the first day of school. We do ask for a donation of $5 to cover these costs (pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, etc.). Some other items we use a lot of during the year are tissues, plastic baggies (snack and sandwich size), baby wipes, clorox wipes, and an extra set of clothing in case of spills or accidents (shirt, pants/shorts, underclothes, and socks). We appreciate any donations of materials
 Supply List for 1st Grade  Mrs. Anderson

Welcome to the First Grade!  We are looking forward to a productive upcoming year.  Here is the basic supply list.  Of course, everything is optional.


1.       “24” pack of Crayons

2.       Sharpened Yellow Number 2 Pencils-The decorative pencils cannot be used due to the outer covering ruining the pencil sharpener. 

3.       Glue Stick and Elmers glue

4.       Scissors

5.       One large pink eraser

6.       1 folder to be used as a homework folder with pockets on both sides


Optional Supplies

1.       Tissues

2.       Ziploc bags (gallon & quart)

3.       Colored pencils

4.       Crayola markers-  These will be placed in communal buckets

5.       Highlighter

6.       Dry Erase Marker



 Mrs. Hebb's & Mrs. Helmick's Second Grade

Supply List (Supplies are appreciated, but not required.)

1.      Crayons

2.     Pencils

3.     Loose Leaf Paper in a Folder

4.     Homework Folder

5.     Scissors

6.     Stick Glue

7.     Composition Book

8.     Pencil/Crayon Box

9.     Tissues (two boxes)

10.                       1 pack of Dry-erase markers

11.                         1 box of Ziploc baggies

12.                         Germ-X

 Mrs. King's Third Grade


Supplies: Students need to have pencils, erasers, and looseleaf notebook paper.  I suggest students have a folder to store the paper.  I would prefer no “Trapper Keepers” or zipped folders.  I also would appreciate each parent sending in a box or two of tissues during the school year.  Students may bring in a pencil box to hold their own supplies such as scissor, glue, crayons, or markers.

 4th Grade Supply List

(Some materials will be collected and will be for classroom use)

1 package of dry erase markers (broad or thin)

4 packages of loose leaf wide rule notebook paper

3 packages of #2 pencils

8-10 pocket folders

1 package of colored pencils, 1 package of crayons, 1 package of markers (can buy 1 or all 3)

1 pair of earbuds/headphones (to use on classroom computers/laptops)

1 3-ring binder (aka Trapper Keeper)

4 1 subject notebook or composition book

1 pencil box

1 cube of 3 x 3 Post-It notes

1 highlighter marker

Pencil top erasers/erasers

Hand sanitizer, band-aids

May also want to buy scissors, glue, a small whiteboard eraser/erasing cloth, small and large baggies, small prizes, paper towels, index cards, pencils, paper plates, and cups.