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I found this cartoon, and I got a good chuckle out of it.


I finally got around to posting the video where me and my friend George shave our heads.  You can view this amazing video here, at Google Videos.  I plan to release a high-quality version very soon.  For those of your too lazy to click the link above, here is the video embedded:

Well, I finished iWoz, and I have to say that it was one of the best books that I had ever read.  The book doesn't focus on the Apple Co, but more on Wozniak himself, and that's awesome!  I especially liked the chapter devoted to phreaking.  Thanks Mr. Wozniak and Gina Smith!

Tonight, I started reading iWoz, a biography/autobiography (Wozniak and Smith co-write it), and got through the first three chapters.  The timeline skips around a bit, however, it is totally understandable material, and I believe it adds a personality through the story.  Steve Wozniak's own personality is reflected through what I have read so far, and that gives the reader a better understanding of what happened to Steve by duplicating his perspective.  Tomorrow night, I hope to read another 60 pages, and I'm betting that they're just as good as what I read tonight!

Summer is coming to an end for me.  Last year, for the last five days of summer, I wrote the DavisOS shell operating system for MS-DOS compatible computers.  This year, I believe that I will tackle creating a self booting, independent OS that's capable of doing waayyy more than DavisOS ever could.  If you have any ideas, or suggestings, please e-mail me!

I just got back from Oshkosh, and I have written up a small report of my journey here.  Enjoy!

Right now, I'm in Oshkosh!  I'm here for the debut of the Martin Jet pack.  I'm currently writing a review of the event, and it should be posted by tomorrow.  However, I stupidly forgot to put the batteries in my camera!  They're in the charger at home, and I am really pissed off because of it.  Oh well, check back here tomorrow for the write-up.

Major News Update: iTunes accepted Davis' Action Updates as an iTunes podcast and you can view it here.  Also, please subscribe to it, as I like to see the numbers go up (and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside)!

Be sure to check out my new feed called Davis' Action Updates.  Currently, it is being evaluated by Apple so it can be placed in the iTunes Music Store.

DavisOS gets great new updates! I am working on keeping the OS as a shell operating system, however, it is going to be re-written in C, to gain more power.  Also, applications no longer have to be hard-coded into the main interface!  Check back here at the end of summer, as that is when I will probably have it done.  As an added note, it will be bundled as a boot disc, and the premise for the parent OS will be FreeDOS.

Why do we buy cell phones?  Coming July 29 under the GPL.

I have started to develop for the original Xbox through OpenXDK, an open source and legal Xbox development kit.  However, I find it very primitive and extremely weak.  I'm going to contact Microsoft about applying for an XDK, so I can create more powerful video games.  If Microsoft does not grant me a license for the XDK, I probably will start a petition making the XDK legal for hobbyists to use.  I've seen many people over at the Xbox-Scene.com forums developing using the XDK illegally, and many people don't want to take a huge risk of downloading it; including me.  I do not condone illegal activity, and I'm sure many people would enjoy being able to develop for the Xbox without legal issues.

I saw Iron Man yesterday and it was one of the best movies that I have seen yet!  It is definitely going to win an Emmy award or Academy award or whatever the award is for movies this year!  My props go to the director and effect managers as the visual and audio effects were absolutely spectacular.  The movie made you feel as if it were reality, not fiction, so when you departed from the theater, you are disappointed in yourself.  If you ever get the chance, SEE THIS FILM!

*Some damn hackers took InstantDavis offline, and I don't feel like spending the time or energy to put it back online.  InstantDavis may yet be resurrected, but it shows no signs of improving.

"I built a new website, which can be found here, and I need suggestions for a domain name!  Email me with your ideas."

Yes, I shaved my head, and so did George! More pics can be found on my flickr account here.

I finally got around to posting my article on decrypting Code 39 barcodes by hand.


Well I finally beat Super Mario 64 DS with 100% complete, and I get nothing for it. 3 1/2 years of my life are wasted! Don't make the same mistake; all you get for it is a secret message from bowser when you beat him at the final battle,

"What, say that again. There are 150 Stars in all??? What?! There were some in the castle that I missed??!! Now I see peace returning to the world... I really hate that! It's so horrible I can't watch. I'm outta here! Just you wait until next time. Until then, keep that Touch Screen smokin'! Gwa ha haaaaaaa!",

the penguin is larger when you race him, and the cannon is unlocked in the front yard, allowing you to access the roof. On the roof, there is A WHOLE THREE LIVES AND A POWER BOX! I sure hope I don't make this mistake again...

NEW SITE SECTION : Things of Interest.

I have recently collected an interest in John Hughes' films. After I found myself watching Sixteen Candles, St. Elmo's Fire, and The Breakfast Club. Out of the three, The Breakfast Club was by far my favorite; not to say that the other two weren't good! If you ever get the chance, SEE THESE MOVIES!

I have finally started work on my Zipit...I am compiling some programs for it. Hopefully I will be able to port my new video game to it! BTW: The new game is entitled Pikachu Smash. It's sure to be awesome!

I am working on a new video game, however, I cannot disclose any information! The title screen still needs to be programmed, but I will tell you it WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THE ATARI 2600, SEGA GENESIS AND DAVISOS (the new one I still have yet to release)! Also, I am starting Mac development so it may be available for that too...and Windows...and Linux.

DavisOS is in for a makeover! First of all, I am taking out the "shell" operating system, so it can function independently. It WILL be a full 32-bit OS, with open source documentation and GUI. Also, it will have features that compare to a Linux desktop. It is being programmed in C and assembler, and should be compatible with all computers up to a Pentium IV. An emulator is also currently being programmed. I expect to release all packages by June 2008.

WebBrowser 2008 is coming very soon!