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There is a new section to my site; the Software Section!


I finally got around to creating an Xbox 360 game.  It's being called "Dragon Game"!  More info can be found on my Software page.


WebBrowser 2007 is finally here!  Click here to see more.


New Frank Designs have arrived!  I am working on more, and I am open to suggestions!


WebBrowser 2007 is coming soon to this site!


I have currently taken on the challenge of building a 5x7 LED Dot Matrix Pong project!  This project was created by Håvard Moen, Håkon A. Hjortland, and Alf Storm, and not by me.  Also, they programmed this project.  They have done some fabulous work, especially with a Laser Video Projector!  Their site is filled with a bunch of cool things, but you may need to search around for a while.  When I was looking at the project, I noticed that no one made a schematic or diagram, so I made one and can be found here.  Also, at the previous link, you can find a parts list for this project.  More info.