Register for the 8th Annual Davis Math Tournament!

Welcome! We're so excited to have you register for our 8th Annual Davis Math Tournament. 

Register for the 2017 Davis Math Tournament here.
Registration fee is $10. You can bring cash or check to the tournament or pay online at the Davis Senior High WebStore.
Visit "About this Year's Tournament" for more details on the date, location, time, and more!
Visit us on Facebook and Facebook event for real time updates.


1) Fill out the Registration Form, once for every child. If you're registering a team, fill out the Form for every child, but put the same Team Name for each child. 

2) Registration costs $10.00 per child, and you can pay through one of two options - through the Davis Senior High WebStore using a credit/debit card, or on-site during the day of the competition using cash or check. We recommend the former, so that we can start the competition as soon as possible. 

3) In the WebStore, you will have to create an account; you can do so by clicking the "Set up" button directly below the "Login" subtitle. 

4) Fill in the pertinent information and check the necessary Terms of Service Agreement box. 

5) Once complete, click the "Mu Alpha Theta Math Tournament" Item and proceed to check-out! Be sure to print and bring your receipt during the day of the competition, this is how we will confirm your online registration. 

And that's it! We can't wait to see you!