Web Links & Softbill Organizations

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Softbill Organizations:
Softbill Websites:
American Federation of Aviculture - http://www.afabirds.org/

 The Foreign Softbill Society UK - http://www.fssuk.org

Aviculturial Society of America - http://asabirds.org/home.htm

Preservation of Pekin Robins and Other Softbills In Aviculture - http://pekinrobin.ca

This is an informative site geared towards providing helpful information on husbandry and breeding of  birds with an emphasis on Pekin Robins and small softbills. 

National Finch & Softbill Society - http://www.nfss.org/

Avian Rearing ResourceAvian Rearing Resource -


"This website was designed as a resource for all institutions to utilize; it is hoped that over time and with everyone's input it will become a comprehensive and invaluable resource for avian hand rearing techniques."  Handrearing protocols on all species of birds.  Wonderfully valuable site for aviculturists!

International Turaco Society - http://www.turacos.org

Breeders & Importers of Softbills:


 "Softbills For Sale" Website - http://www.softbillsforsale.com/

This is the best place to find softbills as all the major softbillers post their surplus here.

 Model Aviculture Program - http://www.modelaviculture.org/

 Birds Express Importers - http://www.birdsexpress.net/

A major CA importer and wholesaler of avian species since 1984 and specializes in birds from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. BIRDSEXPRESS offers a largest selections of Finches, Soft Bills, Canaries, Cockatiels, Dove, Love Birds and Parakeets.

   Turaco's Afro Breeder - http://www.turacosafrobreeder.pt/page11.html

 Beaks Birdhouse - http://www.beaksbirdhouse.com/

Owner - Jason Crean, IL

Breeder of Mousebirds and Aracaris.

 Softbill Sexing:

We highly recommend Dr. McDonald! He's been doing our birds since the 1990's. He travels all around the USA.

Emerald Forest Birds - http://www.emeraldforestbirds.com

Owner/Director - Jerry Jennings, CA

Emerald Forest is renowned for it's extraordinary breeding success, offering toucans and other birds to zoos, breeders and pet bird owners around the world.

Avian Biotech - http://avianbiotech.com/

DNA Sexing and Disease Services

Toucan Jungle - http://www.toucanjungle.com

Owner - Chris Estep, CA

Breeder & broker of several exotic softbill species.


Paradise Earth Birds, Products, & Premium Seeds - http://www.birdproduct.com/

Owners:  David & Marie Calvin

Importers, Brokers, & Breeders of several finch & softbill species