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Since 98% of our birds live in unheated outside aviaries during most of the year, we are very aware of the weather and seasonal changes.  Birds must be carefully acclimated to be able to live outside.  Once acclimated though, the birds can enjoy the large planted flights.  We recommend that all birds get to spend time in the natural outdoor setting. 

Each aviary is designed with the birds' comfort and safety foremost in mind.  All aviaries have double door systems to ensure no birds accidently escape.  Cement and underground aluminum footings keep vermin from entering flights.

We get cold and very humid during the winter so during the middle of winter most of the birds are brought into a heated (up to high 40's only though) building.  This shelters them from extreme cold as well as the wind and rain/snow.  Some birds actually do well outside all year, even in snow.  The outside flights open into large inside flights so the birds can fly inside and out at will during nicer days.






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