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Softbill Focus

    Since 1990 in Sacramento, CA, the Davis Lund Aviaries has been specializing in raising and breeding exotic softbills and some exotic finches, doves, and quail.  In the summer of 2004, we moved the aviaries to 12 acres in the Eugene area, Oregon, and we have been working on building zoo-like aviaries.
    Although we cannot be considered a huge set-up since there are several softbill aviculturists' aviaries that make ours look like "small potatoes", we have over 125 individuals of over 20 species of softbill birds and breed many of them.  We keep most of our young produced but do occasionally have birds for sale or trade.

    Honeycreepers to Hornbills, Tanagers to Turacos! 

 Decades of Experience

    Our family has been working with softbills and other exotic birds for years, ever since we (Kevin & Kateri) got married.  We also raise reptiles, amphibians, tropical fish, arachnids, and other "creepie crawlies".  We ship our birds to private aviculturists and zoological institutions all over the United States, and are serious aviculturists and believers in protecting our legal rights concerning working with all animals.  Communication, education, and research are vital if we are to be successful in doing the best for our animals.

    Kateri has been working with exotic animals all of her life, personally and professionally, including working in avian veterinary hospitals and starting her own exotic pet store.   Her love of animals has thoroughly infected Kevin.  It didn't take long!  It has been said that "we live in our own little zoo", and that is precisely how we like it.

    Our birds are our passion, but to keep our family "in the black" we have to work at non-avian careers.  Kevin heads a cabinet fixture company, and Kateri teaches in elementary and middle public schools.

Our Philosophy

    To have healthy birds is not enough; they must be happy as well.  Our birds live in spacious, planted, outdoor enclosures enabling them to fly and behave naturally.  Most birds are kept with mates in mixed species aviaries.  Special care is taken to meet each bird's requirements and to give each the best environment possible. 

 We are proud members of American Federation of America (AFA), National Finch & Softbill Society (NFSS), Organization of Professional Aviculturists (OPA), and Avicultural Society of America (ASA).  We plan to be certified by the Model Avicultural Program (MAP) when the aviaries are finished.  
Kateri writes articles for publication and gives talks to bird clubs about softbills.  She has written the only book about mousebirds in aviculture (2001) and the book "Turacos in Aviculture" (2012).  Click here for her ebooks and printed books.  She is also a contributing author (mousebird & turaco chapters) for the book, Hand-Rearing Birds, by Blackwell Publishing which was released in spring of 2007.
    Please let us know how you like our website, and we are always looking forward to communicating with anyone who has softbills or is interested in them.

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