Specializing in Softbill Birds

The Davis Lund Aviaries' Goal is to promote softbill aviculture by providing an

introduction to softbilled birds to the general public, and by sharing experiences and knowledge with other softbill aviculturists.  We have been working with a large variety of softbills since 1992 and currently have over 100 individuals of over 20 different species, from honeycreepers to hornbills.  We are members of AFA, NFSS, and ASA, and firmly believe in protecting our right to work with exotic animals.


Kateri Davis has written several magazine articles and the only mousebird care book, "Mousebirds In Aviculture" by Birdhouse Publications.  Her 2012 book, "Turacos in Aviculture" is now available.  Check out her Ebooks too!
Check out our webmixes:  Softbill Bird Aviculture & Aviculture & the Law.

All of the birds and aviaries pictured throughout this site are ours unless noted.  And check out our YouTube Channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/DLAviaries.  We are always looking to contact other softbillers so feel free to send us an email.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

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Davis Lund Aviaries 

Near Eugene, OR, USA


Kevin Lund & Kateri Davis


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