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as of 11/11/15
 We are private softbill breeders, and do not broker or import birds.  The birds we sell are usually raised in our aviaries, and if not, are listed as to the origin.  Quantity sales and local sales are discounted.  All birds are sold with written sales contract/health quarantees, care sheets, sexing paperwork, and pedigree family trees.
Shipping is available by airlines (Delta or United) for about $100.00.
Trades for other softbills always considered.  Prices & availablity are subject to change.
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Photos are of our birds and representative of what the adults look like, but are not always pictures of the actual individuals for sale.

Red Crest Turaco


Domestic, DLA

2015, different parents & bloodlines

$450.00 each

Fall Sale:  $400 each


White Cheek Turaco1.0.0 Domestic, DLA First time offering this bloodline.

$550 parent raised

Fall Sale:  $450

Violaceous Turaco


Domestic, DLA


White Crest Turaco 0.1.0 DomesticProven adult.For trade of unrelated bloodline, male or female
Spurwing Plover/Lapwing 3.0.0Domestic, DLA2015, very rare in USA aviculture to offer domestic birds!$250.00 each
Diamond Doves, mostly Silver/White Tail Mutation?0.0.0  Domestic, DLA.No postal shipping as it is not available in our area.


  White Back Mousebird


Domestic, DLAParentraised, Different bloodlines. 

  White Back Mousebird


 Domestic, DLA  Handraised, pet quality, very tame and cuddly! 


Red Crest Finch  1.0.1 Domestic, DLA Have 2-2015s to trade for new bloodlines.
Birds Needed For Breeding Programs:
*White Crest Turaco - male

*Lady Ross Turaco - female

*Pekin Robins & Silver Eared Mesias

*Trumpeter Hornbill - female
*Speckled, Blue Nape, & Red Face Mousebirds
*  Spurwing Lapwings (need both sexes)
*  White Head Black Bulbuls (need both sexes)
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