Buddhist Links

Information, Education & Study

Access To Insight - a great online resource for Theravadan Buddhist studies

The Path of Concentration & Mindfulness - excellent article on meditation & Right Concentration

Audio Dharma - Dharma talks by Gil Fronsdal and other teachers

Dhamma Talks downloads of Dhamma talks, books and essays by Thanissaro Bhikkhu of Metta Forest Monastery. Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Taan Ajaan Geoff) is a senior monk in the Thai Forest Tradition of Theravada Buddhism

Tricycle Magazine - Buddhist quarterly

Inquiring Mind - Buddhist quarterly

BuddhaNet - Buddhist education and information network

Buddhist Geeks - definitely Buddhist, definitely geeky

Fake Buddhist Quotes - maybe the Buddha didn't say that after all; an interesting blog that discusses misquotations and their likely "sources" in the suttas

Where to Find Free-distribution Dhamma - a great list from Inquiring Mind for finding free dharma; be sure to read this article on The Buddha's Culture of Generosity

Where to Start?

Some beginning practitioners have asked for recommendations on an all-purpose dharma book. If you have one you love, send a note through the email list. In the meantime, either of these 3 books would be an excellent introduction for Buddhist study, with Gil's being the most basic:

In This Very Life
 by Sayadaw U. Pandita (includes glossary & index)

Being Dharma by Ajahn Chan (glossary; no index)

The Issue at Hand by Gil Fronsdal


If you'd like some meditation instruction, try Method 2 in Ajan Lee Dhammadharo's classic Keeping the Breath in Mind or these basic breath meditation instructions. You could also listen to some of Thanisarro Bhikkhu's short talks on meditation.

Gil Fronsdale offers a wealth of meditation instruction, including a 6-part online meditation course.

Many people have found Bhante Vimalaramsi's book on Loving Kindness meditation helpful, especially the emphasis on the Six R's: Recognize, Release, Relax, Re-Smile, Return, Repeat. 

Monasteries, Retreat Centers, Meditation Groups

Awakening Forest Hermitage - forest dwelling Theravada nuns in Northern California near Jenner

Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery - Buddhist monastery in the Ajahn Chah tradition, near Redwood Valley, CA

Saranaloka Foundation - supporting the Buddhist nuns of Aloka Vihara in Northern California

Metta Forest Monastery - Buddhist monastery in the Ajahn Chah tradition, near Valley Center in southern California

Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group - Sunday night and Wednesday morning sittings

Spirit Rock Meditation Center - Influential west coast Buddhist center in Vipassana tradition, in Marin County

Insight Meditation Center - community-based urban meditation center in Redwood City guided by Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella in the Vipassana (Insight) tradition.

Mountain Stream - meditation group in Nevada City/Grass Valley area, led by John Travis

ABS Temple in Sacramento - local Sri Lankan Thervada

Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram - local Thai Buddhist temple

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