Congratulation to 2018-2019 Teams

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Parent Meeting and Fitting will begin at 5pm, Tuesday May 29th.  Details will be sent via email this weekend. 

Alternates should plan to attend meeting and summer workouts leading up to first game.  There is potential to earn a spot on the fall teams.  

As stated in Remind message, we will not announce teams specifically for the winter season until we see what will happen with divisions within the state of NC and divisions for nationals.  We want to have the best arrangement of cheerleaders to provide the support to our athletic programs and at the competitive level.  Thank you for the opportunity to coach another talented group of athletes.  We will re-evaluate positions in mid-August after summer workouts and divisions have been released. 



2014-2015 Competition Cheerleaders

2013-2014 Competition Cheerleaders


2013-2014 Varsity Football Cheerleaders


2013-2014 Junior Varsity Football Cheerleaders

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