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Painting: Reflection in a Dartmoor Pool

Reflection in a Dartmoor Pool

For Sale Oil painting by David W Young. 36" X 24".

I have passed this pond many times over the
years but what caught my eye on this
occasion was its calm deep blue. When I 
crouched down  a Dartmoor
landscape of vegetation and Tors
suddenly became one of blue sky and water.
The landscape suddenly became a thin
narrow strip between the two.

I deliberately painted the pond being disturbed in the foreground. This
distorts the reflections of the clouds and gives a hint of the peaty waters below. 
 In addition it has the added benefit of guiding the viewer to the focal point
of the picture which is the pony reflected in the water.

It also creates the illusion of whoever is happening to look
at this picture of having dipped their toe in the water

For more information and to view all of David Youngs work go to:- www.dartmoorpaintings.co.uk
 Tel. 01822 832647
1, Wheal Maria, Tavistock, Devon PL19 8PD