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Painting: Hawthorn in a Dartmoor Sunset


Hawthorn in a Dartmoor Sunset

For Sale  Oil Painting by David W Young  Framed size1530 x 540mm

For more information and to view all of David Youngs work go to:- www.dartmoorpaintings.co.uk

This painting encapsulates so many of the emotions that run through me with my relationship with that granite and peat upland called Dartmoor. There is the big sky that so often produces a remarkable sunset after a long wet and dismal day. Then there are the long grasses and gorse interspersed with granite clitter with their age old sheep tracks that guide me through this landscape. Finally there is the hawthorn whose small and twisted size belies a great age lived in harsh conditions.

I painted the sun setting in the heart if this great gnarled, thorny tree almost as an act of  reverence