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Painting: A Devon Rainforest

A Devon Rainforest

For Sale Oil painting by David W Young. 36" X 24".

I was on horseback and riding up hill onto this
 bluff that suddenly exposed the whole majesty of
 this Dartmoor valley. This landscape I now saw
 simply couldn’t be England.
It was too epic, far too wild. It gave
 me a glimpse of the great deciduous forest that
 once swathed these islands.

This painting has no sky, no river. I want you to get lost in it.

I have painted  sunshine breaking through the moist afternoon haze to drizzle
 light on the trees of this deep meandering gorge. The haze on this skin of leaves
 hides a world of dank mosses, ferns & lichens that sheath bent and
 twisted trees which thrust through the piles of granite clitter that are
 in turn coated in this green living  shroud.

For more information and to view all of David Youngs work go to:- www.dartmoorpaintings.co.uk
 Tel. 01822 832647
1, Wheal Maria, Tavistock, Devon PL19 8PD