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Painting: May Blossom, a Dartmoor Spring

For Sale Oil painting by David W Young. 40" X 30"

On the western flanks of Dartmoor adjoining the Tavy valley you will find the old hill farms with their granite walled fields creeping up the valley sides till they come up against the harsher conditions of the open moor.

One such farm is Stannon and it is here that I have painted this old and magnificent Hawthorn that stands in one of these fields. In addition to the beauty of the May blossom that coats this tree, the fields in this area are swathed in Bluebells and Celandine which contrast with the rich greens which have burst forth after the harsh winter that this part of the West Country endures.

Available for sale from West Gallery, North Devon 

For more information and to view all of David Youngs work go to:- www.dartmoorpaintings.co.uk

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 Tel. 01822 832647
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