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My '73 Scout II is For Sale



’73 International Scout ll 4 x 4

VIN 3S8S8CGD32012

Location: Terre Haute, IN

Ph. & Txt.   317-403-0952

Email: smittydw43@yahoo.com

Lock-O-Matic Hubs

Dana 30 Front Axle

Dana 44 Rear Axle

Power Steering

Power Brakes

International V8 304 Engine

Holley 2210, 2 bbl. carb.

TC143 Transfer Case

3 Sp 727A Automatic Transmission


Roof Rack

Pioneer stereo AM-FM CD w/ Polk speakers front and back

91,637 original miles



Unknown up to 1982

1982- Replaced the transfer case and front drive shaft at 73,843 miles.

1983- New front engine seal at 76,226 miles.

2003- New plugs, dist. cap, rotor and tune-up, new F & R wheel cylinders at 81,301 miles.

2003- New tires at 74,005 miles.

2005- New fuel pump, new door seals at 81,000 miles.

2005-New exhaust system, heater core and power brake booster at 81,927 miles.

2005- Replaced front & rear brakes, new brake master cylinder at 83,018 miles.

2005- New radiator at 83,870 miles.

2007- New Sears Diehard battery at 90,659 miles.

Additional photos available at http://picasaweb.google.com/smittydw43/ScoutLl#

Yes, I could have hidden all the bad stuff by keeping all the pictures of the rusted areas out, but I only wanted responses from serious people, who knew Scouts and their potential. So, let me tell you: the driver-side view photo shows door chrome attached. It is not attached, but seller will provide it. Also, driver-side side-view mirror is broken and passenger side-view mirror has been removed, but it is available.

This car has enough original stuff, and is in good enough shape, to be restored to it's original condition with not too much money--if that's what you want to do with it.

Let's be serious. This is a project vehicle. Yes, you can drive it from the get-go--for recreational purposes, or to get to and from work, but I wouldn't recommend it, because #1, gas is too damn expensive, and it's not going to get any cheaper so long as President Obama, who wants $10/gallon, is in the White House, and #2 it's too good of a vehicle, in it's present condition, to be put through the treachers of very day driving. In this day, it's not meant for that, unless you have the money and the desire to  to do that. I don't want to to discourage the serious 4-wheelers, because with some modifications in the engine and tranny, it would be a great, dependable 4W drive vehicle--not for the wife, but for you!!!

Selling Price $3,500.00

Contact seller at: smittydw43@yahoo.com
Cell # 317.403.0952