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  • Yankee Magazine's previous blog site was hard to to use for bloggers and lacked social media integration.
  • http://www.yankeemagazine.com/blog-homepage
  • There were several core bloggers for Yankee who were also writers, however before more bloggers could be added, the blogging system needed to be easier to use.
  • As project leader I coordinated the research on a new blogging platform and the design for a new Web template for the main page, blog pages, and individual posts.
  • As project leader I participated in research and testing of several blog platforms, set up each of the separate blogs using the administrator interface, guided design on the blog template, and trained bloggers and the Internet editor on how to use the new system.


  • To give the Yankee Internet editor the ability to control promotion of blogs and to reduce her need to continually technical issues which existed on the current blogging platform.
  • To develop Web page design with a wider "content well" than the existing blog design.
  • To choose a new blogging platform which integrated social media better and would allow non-technical writers to easily add their own digital content (i.e., photos, audio, video).
  • To find a technical solution to limit the programming team's involvement (i.e., to just set-up the server software) and give the Web team more autonomy maintaining the blog system.
  • To create a new Web design which integrates the magazine's brand into the current Web site while allowing for functionality customization (e.g., adding Facebook widgets, Twitter posts).


  • After completing blog platform research, creating design mock-ups, and testing the new platform, the Web team and editorial team decided on using the WordPress platform for the new blogging site. Visit the current blog site: http://www.yankeemagazine.com/blog-homepage
  • Because of the easy-to-use interface, five more Yankee magazine writers started blogging on the new platform.
  • New functionality included videos, slide shows, social media integration, and an automatic promotion of recent blog posts.
  • The Web team could now more easily create new blog sites within the main site structure without involving the programming team.
  • With less time spent assisting bloggers, the Internet editor can now instead focus on creating her own blog posts.
  • The final design allows for future automatic updates from the template design (i.e., a third-party designer of the WordPress template), while also allowing the Yankee Web designers to influence typography, colors, and graphic systems via CSS and administrator settings.

Yankee Magazine new blog site

NEW Yankee Blog Site -- MAIN PAGE
NEW Yankee Blog Site -- BLOG DETAIL PAGE
david weisberg,
Oct 8, 2011, 9:53 AM
david weisberg,
Oct 8, 2011, 9:53 AM