The following are study notes for Otago Medical School, Diploma of Child Health (DCH), Royal Australasian College of Physician (RACP) and College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM) exams.  They are not a peer reviewed reference - I collated them from many sources to gather together the thousand and one things I was trying to remember.  I accept no responsibility for mistakes - go find them. 

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Dr David Tripp, FRACP FCICM
Wellington and Lower Hutt Hospitals
New Zealand
Medical School 5th Year Study Notes
    Study Notes prepared for 5th year exams at Otago Medical School, New Zealand, with 6th year
    material included as a bonus.  These were revised by Rhys Parry in 2012. 
    The old version (last revised in 2002) is slimer with smaller file sizes but no pictures!
Diploma of Child Health (DCH)
    Study Notes prepared for Diploma of Child Health clinical exam, last revised in 2004
Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Exam
    Notes for Written Exam and Notes for Clinical Exam prepared for the
    Royal Australasian College of  Physician Exams, last revised in 2009.
College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM) Part 2 Exam
    and New Zealand (CICM) Part 2 Exam, last revised in August 2015.

    Ultrasound Notes from the Otago University Post-Graduate Certificate in Physician Performed Ultrasound       (CertPPU), revised October 2014.  These give a background to ultrasound physics, then guidance to               ultrasound scans relevant to Intensive Care.