Artist Statement

"I have always loved art.  As a child reading comics and drawing were my favourite pastimes.  I recall helping my Great Grandmother design Tivaivai patterns, and selling superhero drawings to my schoolmates.   After getting married I decided to take my art more seriously and enrolled in the Otago School of Fine Arts.  I graduated with a BFA in 2006, and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Art and Design through AUT in 2008.

 While studying I became interested in woodblock printmaking.  It gave me the opportunity to explore my Mangaian artistic heritage, to develop the carving skills of my ancestors, and to give their artistic traditions a contemporary expression.  Working with mdf boards enabled me to easily hone my carving skills, while the printing process provided opportunity for experimentation. 

 In my work I employ a fusion of traditional and contemporary designs.  I utilize the symbolic use of shapes, patterns and motifs, along with layering and embossing of images and colours. I enjoy order in my composition, with lines, symbols and borders arranged geometrically. The fragmentation of patterns introduces a sense of randomness without being chaotic.

 My work embraces and celebrates the uniqueness of our diverse culture in New Zealand.  I draw inspiration from the dynamic process of merging and intersecting that is shaping our multicultural society, exploring the idea that identity is shaped by our inheritance interacting with our current experience and context."*

*Robinson, D. (2010). New Zealand Gallery. Auckland:New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd. p. 118-119