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Business Support

I have been involved in business operations since the day I left school, and arguably even before that, if you count after-school jobs. In other words, anyone who is in the workplace, and takes an interest in how the business works, is presumably "involved" in business operations in one way or the other. The significance or otherwise of their involvement over the long term lies in their interest and ability to understand the the nature of the business and their part in it. I have held many positions in businesses: from manual and clerical, executive, consulting and management, in business operations to business support roles, in areas including manual labour, executive, administration, software and systems (information technology: I.T), through to sales. (More ...)

Best Practices & Quality

My involvement with this began to primary school where a fundamental of the eduction system in New Zealand seemed to include instilling one of the cornerstones of Quality (Continuous Iterative Improvement) into everyone, in the matra "Good, better, best; never let it rest, 'til your good is better and your better best". When I began in I.T. as a Cobol programmer, my first assignment was to define the programmer's standards for the organisation's new mainframes. When I became a DBA and systems-application support analyst this was refined in work involving more applications development standards, modelling standards, and then automation of development through CASE (computer-aided systems engineering) applications software generators, whose templates embody/automate/encodify those standards into meta-code. My own company, "Systemeta", is named as a reversal of "meta systems", perhaps implying reverse-engineering. Each of these is a progression towards achieving Quality in software development. (More ...)


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