web work

First a few FGA (frequently given answers)
  • Sadly most of the web sites I designed are no more.
  • I tend to do more social media 'stuff' and run a discussion group called Clown Power on Facebook with 1600 members. 
  • Yes, and if not I know people who do and they know their stuff.
  • Not any more but Brin and Sergy still let me use their servers as a personal favor. It's because if all the help I gave them back in the day.
  • Yes I worked on the multilingual (10 language) version of the QuarkXpress installer.
  • Yes, all the fecking time.
  • Yes mine's an espresso, preferably Badger and Dado from Cork
  • No, I don't share links much to any work I have done. 
    ...it gives a strange impression, it's my clients work as much or more than mine.
  • I can write copy but it really need to be done by a specialist, my spelling ain't that gud.
  • Yes I do design myself and code and all kinds.
  • Yes if it's a big job I subcontract to trusted people who know shit.
  • If you want me to do stuff I suggest you call and we arrange to meet that way we can figure out a lot of stuff quickly.
  • No, I don't charge anything to meet you, only to say goodbye.

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| +353 27 71777 landline | dave@spathaky.name on email |

call me.