Stuff I've done and plan to do, before I die... 

I still enjoy cycling, walking dogs and sea kayaking. My most recently revived interest is riding a horse

I'm working on various performance projects and writing two books. One fiction, the other less so.

My workshop on about setting dreams alight is on the slipway and has had a few outings. It’s ready for launching. Just give me a push... 

I have designed and built many, many a sparkling web site in the past. I avoid screen based work now.

I've helped with large and small scale marketing efforts for large and small enterprises.

I have contributed to 'Personal Computer World' magazine and other publications both real and imaginary.

I have worked for a dodgy typesetting bureau in Soho London run by very dodgy Italian mafiosa. I swear it’s true. I tested software for QuarkXpress in Ireland (It's the software that many newspapers and magazines are produced with).

I still have plans-a-plenty up my other sleeve...

Winding backwards, in 1983 I was a co-conspirator, co-owner and co-co-clown in the Circus group legendary Ra-Ra Zoo (more info here) until 1994 when I retired to remote rural isolation in Ireland.

In 1981 I was half of 'The Amazing Mendezies' who were amazing and travelled the world as Comedy Street performing Pirate jugglers and also headlined a few major TV shows and stage venues in the way.

Back in the olden days, I worked as a full time community arts worker at the north london, now fairly famous, Jackson’s Lane Community Theatre which exposed me to many fine inspirational touring performing groups.

I studied Fine Art in East Anglia and then at the then Hornsey College of Art where I undertook a Fine Art Degree Course under the tutorship of Michael Rothenstein, Dante Lionelli and Robert Janz among others. 

Notable alumni and contemporaries were Gina Birch of the Raincoats, Anish Kapoor who now does high ticket price art. Patricia Murphy, Annabel Nicholson and Jane Clark. All fine filmmakers. John Imhazly and Adam Ant when he was called Stewart. Visiting lecturers included David Toop, Philip Glass, Ivor Cutler and other’s of such ilk. 

Information about my activities before this are vague covered in a light mist and sketchy at best but sailing and Quaker boarding feature in the mix.

My family history on my father's side, the Spathakys arecovered somewhat here by my brother diligent research and on my mothers side here.

 What more do you want to know?