'Invisible people have invisible rights, right?'

I've been online since before the internet and building and taking stuff apart all my life. I once owned a circus and I also designed a house which is still standing. 

I worked as Innovation Manager for a major American software company in Ireland, I've been a nude art school model. Not at the same time. More history? Do read on, here...


Welcome. Dave here. Spinner of plates, Variety Animator and more;

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Current project: http://oceancanoe.postach.io.
My musings online: http://clownpower.postach.io.
Local information: http://clownpower.postach.io/tag/beara

I'm also a designer, speaker, thinker, writer, producer, director, performer, teacher, parent, mind reader & maker, co-inventor of Ra-Ra Zoo and the holder of the Offical World Record for spinning 108 plates at the same time (link to video)

Ra-Ra Zoo!

My musings about Clowns&Power are here. It's about clowns in the broadest sense and, you know... POWER!

I also run a discussion group on facebook called Clown Power. << Click the link to be taken there.
Ongoing experiments trying out MeWe: 

My directing/mentoring/teaching page is at Clown Power Creation Studio on Facebook. Click on this link.

Email me here david.spathaky@gmail.com to get a guaranteed reply.

In 2017 I was a member of the steering committee of:

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An Equity (UK) member and a member of the Irish Theatre Forum.

Write me a nice email and tell me about you at david.spathaky@gmail.com or dave@spathaky.name take your pick.

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I do answer my mobile sometimes: +353 (0)86 0821711 and always reply to text messages (I promise)

I still have an old school home phone  +353 (0)27 71777

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