'Invisible people have invisible rights, right?'

I've been online since before the internet and building and taking stuff apart all my life. I've shaved my beard off and I once designed a house which is still standing. I've owned a circus and have worked for a major software company. read more here...

Dave Spathaky - Designer, Producer, Director, Performer, Teacher & Maker. Bicycalista.

Doing the washing up now as we speak. As it is June now there is much to do in the house and look at the jungle that has taken over in the garden!

...I also make left-handed tea. Dazzle Gradually, Automatically Happy Bike-Bike are performance works in progress and i have a few other projects in the pipelines...

I'm excited about teaching, directing & running workshops this summer and pushing forward my new project  Time For Ever (working title) which is based on the Quartet For The End Of Time by Messiaen. More details soon but email me if you want the scoop on the early loop. Other modes of contact are at the bottom of the page but email is always all good.

I travel about a bit. Contact me by email is best!

Recently I directed a new show, written and performed by Simon Thomson as his Clown Noir character. Opening in Killorglin and now in Galway Theatre Festival and on Tour all over the bloody place.W

2017 sees further development with Simon with a Chaucer play based on the Millers tale and a forth Clown Noir show...

Will Flanagan's new piece Torn and Restored has had a public preview after three weeks development. First at my studio in Castletownbere, then at the Circus Factory in Cork, The last week was at the Theatre Development Centre (Corcadorca) at the Triskel Arts Centre. Heading for a final polish late this year or early 2016.

I'm also working with my new mystery assistant for an outing of my old plate spinning act Mk XXXXl

...and booking people in for work on shows and acts. Contact me quick my  whole YEAR is booking up and I'm not getting younger.

Clown Power Creation Studio on Facebook is on this link.

Email me here david.spathaky@gmail.com to get a guaranteed reply.

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Recent history:

I'm not  involved with the Circus Factory in Cork. I helped develop their profile and consulted on development in 2013.

I'm offering facilitation on generating creative ideas using some new collaborative approaches.

I'm still taking on a few select web site projects.

A page for the double act I did in 2013 with the Amazing Sara on Face book is here.

Here is some of my projects past, present and future. 

Some photo's I took are here.

Many, many of my bookmarks here...

Some stuff I read on the web I liked here & some I marked to read soon here

My Profile Page on Google, yes I know confusing isn't it? In fact there is a list of all the social networks sites which I have a page on like Linkedin, Twitter and FaceBook. Yes it's all about me, me ,me.

Now you know all about me, so go on, write me a nice email and tell me about you at david.spathaky at gmail.com or dave@spathaky.name take your pick.

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I do answer my mobile somethimes: +353 (0)86 0821711 and always reply to text messages (I promise)

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