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Great Weather Contributes to Great Fun at Fall 2019 CampoutC

posted Oct 7, 2019, 3:36 PM by Chairman PackFourFiveFour

The weather broke clear and crisp on Saturday morning, the 5th of October, the thermometer read 51 degrees and the forecasted high was in the mid-sixties.  By the time sun reached its peak, the temps had climbed to the upper 60s, but the sun was warm and the winds were low, so the scouts had shucked their sweatshirts and opted for t-shirts as they dived into the day’s activities.

After tents were pitched on the highest point on the DFRC reservation (145’ according to, Pack 454 members gathered to raise the colors, recite the pledge, oath and law, and to begin the season’s first camping experience. 

The days first activity was a STEAM project led by Den 9’s leader Bonnie Gardner.  The scouts and Ms. Bonnie discussed science, physics, forces, actions and reactions, but mostly had fun building their own CATAPULTS and then launching objects at, and into, targets near and far.  In the picture see Madeline, Landon, Jacob, Matthew S, Andrew, Matt M, Magnus, and Jack launching pennies into cups. 

Next up, was a unique obstacle course.  The kids dragged lumber, hula hoops, balls, buckets, old tires, targets and various other equipment into position, set up teams, and raced their very own obstacle course.  Everybody won!  Photo:  Matthew, Simon, Magnus, Andrew, Simon, Henry, Levon, Madeline, Emmalene, Landon, Matt, Jack, and Madeline get silly during the obstacle course.

Lunch was served, and much of it was eaten, but with perfect weather, green grass, a playground, and those old tires to play with, nobody sat still for long. 

After lunch, it was time for another physics demonstration.  The leaders had cordoned off a safety zone and set up a shooting range for the scouts to launch -- with sling shots -- hundreds of acorns they had gathered from under oak trees across the county at cans, toy figurines, and bowling pins.  For some added fun, in the last round of shooting, shooters were given a dozen paint balls to take aim with and howled with delight as the purple pellets exploded in a gaudy yellow upon impact with the targets.  Parents and the members of Troop 454 also joined in the fun.  “Woo hoo!!” Photo: Scouts take aim with acorns on the range.

Troop 454 was on hand and next ran a pair of activities emphasizing first aid skills.  First it was Pack 454 versus Troop 454 in “first aid kickball.”  Then, the cubs learned how to build improvised stretchers to carry an injured person to safety.  Note 1: dropping or squishing an injured teammate usually makes an injury worse, oh, and Note 2, it’s easier if the littlest one gets injured!!  In the photo, under the supervision of Caleb, Matt, Colin, Landon, Magnus, Levon, Matt, and Simon use their tarp and bamboo pole stretcher to carry a hefty fallen comrade to safety.

While dens broke off to plan their skits, jokes, and songs for the evening, the gear was put away and grills were fired up for dinner.  After a full day of activity, everyone was good and hungry!   As the last of the meat was lifted off the grill, Jack G. dumped a mysterious and lethal concoction into a Dutch oven to be covered with coals, “What are you making? Have you ever made this before?” came the questions.  

As darkness set and a slight chill came into the air, the campfire came alive as did good natured laughter and entertainment.  Songs were sung (w/ guitar accompaniment), skits performed, jokes told, and s’mores were served!  Mother nature continued to smile upon, observed one parent, “I've never sat around a campfire where not a whiff of smoke blew into my eyes.  It's always blowing right at me, no matter where I move!" There's a first time for everything! In the photo, perfect campfire. Final photo: the mysterious concoction revealed a chocolate lava cake! A delight for the nose and the taste buds. 

After a glow stick light show, some parents had to work harder than others to enforce teeth-brushing rituals before the sounds of snoring could be heard across the DFRC hilltop. At daybreak on Sunday, one Tiger scout observed, “I got absolutely no sleep, someone in the next tent was snoring all night!”  The early risers put coffee on, and hungry bellies were filled with an assortment of fruit, donuts, fruit and granola bars, while some went for sausages and Egg-Os.  Everyone pitched in to ensure the “leave no trace” motto was upheld, and since it’s our camp, we probably even left it in better shape thanks to some much needed pruning and a solid sweeping of the Carr Pavilion.

A sincere thanks to all the leaders and parents who helped make this a great campout, and a hearty Congratulations to the pack’s new Tigers who completed their first successful overnighter.

Next Pack event:  Pack Meeting on October 24th. Wear your Halloween costume!  Prizes will be awarded for originality, best home-made costume, scariest, and a few other categories.   

Chairman PackFourFiveFour,
Oct 7, 2019, 3:36 PM