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Another Scouting Year Begins!

posted Sep 20, 2019, 9:00 AM by Chairman PackFourFiveFour
Another Scouting Year Begins!  

Sept 5, 2019

Dear Pack 454:

Summer went by way too fast, but as the crickets chirp slower, it’s clear that another scout season is beginning. Pack leadership gathered last to stake out the framework for the year and put dates on the calendar for major pack evolutions for the fall.

The full calendar linked here: Mark the dates! We will start with another rocket day on 21 Sept, and you will see we have moved campout to the first weekend in October. We will be at the DFRC so folks can camp around their fall sports schedules, and as always all family members can camp.

A couple other notes from our leadership meeting:

- Parent Roles. The pack has some openings in parent roles (membership chair, treasurer, and popcorn sales coordinator (kernel)), and we need backups in a couple spots held by 5th grader parents.  Think about your time and talents, and about how you'd like to interact with the scouts to make their experience the best we can muster.   Do you like to barbeque, do you have a truck, do you like to cook, can you answer emails, can  you keep a spreadsheet and make some phone calls, do you have a penchant for Pinterest and want to throw parties, do you like to hike and teach about nature or science... we need it all!

- Recruiting. We don’t have the same access we used to to talk to classes at DES, so personal efforts are welcome. If your scout recruits a friend to join, they are eligible for the recruiter badge:

- If you have access to a 1st or 2nd grader mailing list, let them know your personal experience with scouts. Send them to our pack website or for more information. You can also customize this flyer to hand out or put on windshields.

- Absent a membership chair, please bring your dues check $85 to your first den meeting or rocket day and check contact info in scoutbook to make sure it’s correct.  (Second and third scouts from the same family get a $10 discount.) 

Thanks for what you do to make the Pack great!

Yours in scouting,

Pack454 Committee Chair