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If you have a personal web site online relating to ancestors/families who lived in the Davidson County area of Tennessee, you can now submit your site URL for inclusion on this page for other researchers who may be working on the the same surname. The Subject of your message should read "Davidson Family" so it can be easily identified among my other messages.   evancol@yahoo.com 

Lineages ~ Davidson County

Davidson County Ancestors ~ ~ An Index of Personal Web Sites

Ancestors of Craig Allan Nash ~ ~ http://www.cyberramp.net/~craign/nashgen.htm

Our Tennessee and Tar Heel Roots ~ ~ http://home.att.net/~genology/genelogy.htm

Dentons of Davidson County (including Denton, Hunt, Moore, Chastain, O'Dell, Reneau, Plumlee, Cooper, French, Shipman, Huff and Baker) ~ ~ http://www.acun.com/dentons

Sandie's Corner ~ Cole, Wofford(Waffird) families of Davidson County ~ ~ http://actsbbs.com/PUBLIC/HOMEPAGE/sandie.tingle_2/SAMPLE1.HTM

Descendants of Jacob, Dempsey, Thomas,

                 David, and Allen Hunter ~ ~ http://www.mindspring.com/~eehiv/hunter/hunter.htm

Lloyd Davis Family of NC and TN ~~ http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Lake/2557/

ELLIS Families ~~ http://www.ellises.org/

Descendants of Bradley and Susanna GAMBILL ~ ~ http://www.vabch.com/kyarberr/bgambill.htm

William McCoy, Jane McCane and descendants ~ ~ http://www.gbso.net/dawson/page9.htm

Cato & Related Families of Tennessee ~ ~ http://www.webkeeper.com/cato/tna.html

The Strong - Gossage Ancestral Database ~ ~ http://ro.com/~rts2/ancestry/d5.html

Tyler Carney Family ~ ~ http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/t/u/c/Elecia-Tucker/

McNish, Stump, and Marshall families ~ ~ http://hometown.aol.com/mcnishcm/index.html