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Transportation in Early Middle Tennessee

New book may reveal Your Ancestors in the State Penitentiary!

Announcing the publication of the second volume of Tennessee Convicts: Early Records of the State Penitentiary. This volume covers records from 1850 through 1870, including more than 2,200 prisoners and their family members who are named in the original ledger volumes.

During this period abolitionists, Confederate bushwhackers and Union army soldiers convicted by courts martial were among those who crowded the State Penitentiary. In addition, the regular complement of counterfeiters, horse thieves and murderers from across the state are also represented.

For more information on this book please see this web page: www.angelfire.com/tn3/sherrill

You may also contact the author, Chuck Sherrill, by e-mail at: books4histry@cs.com

(The originial volume, listing prisoners 1830-1850, is temporarily out of print.)