Colonel John Donelson's Company      

      Early in the spring of 1779 preparations were made at Watauga to plant a permanent settlement on the Cumberland. The place selected was the bluff near the French Lick (now Nashville). Before reaching their destination the party was split into two companies. Capt. James Robertson taking command of one group while Colonel John Donelson became the leader of the other group. Colonel Donelson gave a list of those in his company; a list considered most valuable to historians and genealogists. -- from Pioneers of Davidson County, Tennessee, compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley\

      The names of the persons who came in this company are given by Col. Donelson as follows:

        John Donelson, Sr.                                   Benjamin Porter

        Thomas Hutchings                                   Mrs. Henry (widow)

        John Caffrey                                            John Cotton

        John Donelson, Jr.                                   Thomas Henry

        James Robertson's lady and children     Mr. Cockrell

        Mrs. Purnell                                              Frank Armstrong

        M. Rounsifer                                             Hugh Rogan

        James Cain                                                Daniel Chambers

        Isaac Neely                                               Robert Cartwright

        John Montgomery                                    ________  Stewart

        Jonathan Jennings                                    David Gwinn

        Benjamin Belew                                        John Boyd

        Peter Looney                                             Reuben Harrison

        Capt. John Blackemore                             Frank Haney

        Moses Renfroe                                          _________  Maxwell

        William Crutchfield                                    John White

        Mr. _________  Johns                               Solomon White

        Hugh Henry, Sr.                                         __________  Payne (killed)