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    A huge thank you to Ed and Val Cox who worked tirelessly to get the census
    transcriptions up that we have.

    Also new ...  A Revolutionary War pension file transcribed by

    William Brackett.  Another great addition to the site.


    Have you discovered this treasure yet ?  Whether you are a devout genealogist,
    or just someone who spent earlier years in Nashville, this
    newspaper will delight you cover-to-cover.
    The Nashville Retrospect is a great mix of reprints from old newspaper articles
    (all the way back to the 1800s), as well as first person accounts of
    life and events in early Nashville. 
    Remember the Tarbox School on Broadway, or the ground breaking to build
    what was then the first "skyscraper" in Nashville, the L&C Tower?  What
    about the fire that raged through the Fairgrounds, or the one that
    ravaged the Maxwell House?  There are obituaries from the
    1800s and articles from The Colored Tennessean.  There is a large feature on
    the 1918 collision of the passenger trains at Dutchman's Curve, and the
    "Yankee Sribbler's" account of the Belmont Mansion during the
    Civil War. 
    If you are a long time Nashvillian, you cannot pick up an issue of The Nashville Retrospect without finding something that will take you back to times long gone.
    Below you will find a reprint from the pages of the December issue of The Nashville Retrospect.
     A subscription is available for a nominal
    charge.  And the best news, they have back issues available for ordering, so you
    still have a chance to catch up (my missing copies arrived 48 hours
    after I ordered them). 
    Check out Editor and Publisher Allen Forkum's gift to Nashville history lovers.

    Nashville Whig, December 1, 1823

    On Tuesday evening as the United States Mail Stage was attempting to cross Mill Creek, (which was very much swollen by the rains of the preceding night,) one of the horses fell across the tongue and was immediately drowned,—the fore horses became disengaged and escaped,—the Stage with the remaining horse, the driver and passengers, was washed down by the force of the current, the remaining horse drowned, and the stage upset, the passengers made their escape by clinging to a tree, but the driver would not desert the mail, and floated down the stream more than half a mile; when, being quite exhausted, he was saved by William Osmar, a lad of 14 years of age, who plunged into the stream to his relief. The mail bags had gotten loose from the stage and were floating down the stream, when the same lad again swam into the creek and brought them out, threreby, in all probability, saving much loss and difficulty to many persons interested in the contents.
    The conduct of this lad is such as to merit more than applause, a subscription is left at the Post office for his benefit, and if persons interested would act with becoming liberality on the occasion, a sum would be raised, which being judiciously invested, may prove greatly to his advantage when of age. Tis said there were several beings, in the shape of men on the bank of the stream during the whole transaction, who did not attempt to afford any assistance; their names should be known, that they might be held up to public scorn, the just reward of such heartless conduct.

    (Source: Tennessee State Library and Archives)




    Our Fallen Heroes

    Honoring all who have given their life in defense of our freedom.


    Honoring Our Veterans

    Honoring all who have served in our military in defense of our freedom.


    These projects are not just Davidson County, we welcome ALL submissions to honor those who have served.

    If you would like to add a name to either one of our projects, use the links there, or contact me for help.



    Are you a Tennessee resident ?
    If so, are you taking advantage of TEL (Tenessee Electronic Library)?
    If you are a Tennessee resident and are not taking advantage of TEL, you are
    missing a great research tool.  If you are already utilizating TEL, do you know
     that you can
    now access Heritage Quest, a paid service, free of charge through
    TEL, making TEL an even more valuable resource?
    The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) is a collection of 40+ databases that
    provide access to over 400,000 magazine, journal, and newspaper articles,
    essays, podcasts, videos, e-books, primary source materials, and more! TEL is
     available free of charge to any Tennessee resident and is accessible 24/7
    from any computer with access to the internet.


    TNGenweb has just opened a new query board dedicated to Tennessee research.

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    This site is for you, the Davidson County researcher.   So please feel free to
    offer suggestions or make requests about what you would like to see

    here.  The more input I receive, the more we can grow.

    Thanks, Jane

     The Tennessee Civil War Preservation Association has extended the date to preorder license plates in honor of the Sesquicentennial.  

    World War II postcard
    (courtesy of Mary Hatton, a fellow USGenWeb member)

    Davidson County was created in 1783 by an Act of the North Carolina

    legislature; named in honor of William Lee Davidson (ca. 1746-1781), colonial

    soldier, Revolutionary War officer in the North Carolina Third, Fourth and Fifth

    Regiments who was killed in action at the Battle of Cowans Ford on the

    Catawba River in North Carolina.
    Davidson County is located in Middle Tennessee, one of the state's three
    "grand divisions." Davidson County was formed in 1783 from Washington


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