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Windows 8 Tablets

In an age where Microsoft has lost its coolness factor, I am a big Microsoft fan.  OneNote is the biggest reason I've bought into the Microsoft software eco-system and I'm very excited for Q4 of 2012 so I can upgrade my ancient and clunky HP tc4200 PC tablet (which I used throughout undergrad and grad school) to to a new, slim, snappy Window 8 pen-enabled tablet.  Below is a spreadsheet of the tablets that have inking digitizers for comparing their specs.  You can download or view full-screen using the links at the bottom right of the spreadsheet.

The following document is designed to help someone in the market for a Windows 8 tablet decide on a screen size. The document contains templates for the 10.1”, 10.6”, and 11.6” tablet screen sizes at the 16:9 aspect ratio. There is also a 9.7” iPad template for comparison. If no scaling or centering is done, the templates will be actual sized when printed and can be used to test its portability/usability in real-life environments (i.e. desk, couch, backpack/briefcase, etc…). However, because the 10.6” and 11.6” tablets are larger than A4 paper, you’ll require larger paper for those (i.e. A3 or whatever your printer supports).