David Slutsky Philosophy Website

David Slutsky Philosophy Website
Areas of Specialization: Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Metaethics


Areas of Competence: Feminist Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science


PhD in Philosophy, University of Connecticut, 2006

MA in Philosophy, University of Connecticut, 2000

BA in Philosophy, magna cum laude, Cornell University, 1992



Testing Ethics Empirically. In Preparation.


Confusion and Dependence in Uses of History. 2012 Synthese 184 (3): 261-286


Causally Inefficacious Moral Properties. 2001. Southern Journal of Philosophy 39 (4): 595-615.



Ethics (an introductory course. Updated course document forthcoming...)

Global Ethics/Justice (a more advanced course). Click here (or click on the down arrow at the bottom right of this page) for a detailed summary of the course.

Click here for letters of recommendation written by some of by former students 

Teaching Positions:

Adjunct Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University (2009-2017)

Ethics, Global Ethics


Adjunct Professor, University of Connecticut, Storrs (fall 2010, fall 2011)

Global Justice, fall 2011

Ethics and Social Justice, fall 2010


Visiting Assistant Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University (2008-2009)

Global Ethics, Spring 2009

Perspectives in Philosophy, Spring 2009, Fall 2008

Ethics, Fall 2008

Logical Inquiry Fall 2008


Visiting Assistant Professor, Ithaca College (2007-2008)

International Justice, Spring 2008                

Political Philosophy, Spring 2008

Introduction to Ethics, Spring 2008, Fall 2007

Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2007


Instructor, University of Connecticut (2003-2007)

Philosophy and Social Ethics. Spring 2007, Fall 2005, Spring 2005

Philosophy and Gender. Fall 2006

Introduction to Philosophy. Fall 2004, Spring 2004, Fall 2003


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