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Dubia, 1756

Dubia de principiis philosophiae recentioris Petri Forsskål

Publication history

Forsskål’s philosophy dissertation was first published in Göttingen in June 1756 as part of the process of submission of the thesis for the award of a doctorate. It was published by the Dutch bookseller-printer Élie Luzac who had been asked by the University to open an office in Göttingen. Luzac, like Forsskål, had an interest in questions of freedom of speech and in 1749 had published an Essai sur la liberté de produire ses sentimens in Leiden.

A second edition was published in Leipzig, probably also in 1756, by Gottfried Stopffel who worked there from 1746 to 1759.

A third edition was published in Copenhagen, probably in 1760 when Forsskål was in Denmark preparing to join the expedition to Arabia Felix. The title page announces additional notes and supporting pieces, many of which document the scholarly reaction to the thesis and Forsskål's response to criticisms. The printer of this edition was the widow of Ludoph Henrik Lillie who had worked in Copenhagen from 1755 to 1758 and was succeeded by his widow from 1759 to 1765.

On the title page of this third edition, Forsskål announces himself as professor of philosophy at Copenhagen and a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen. A draft of the diploma for the award of the status of Corresponding Member survives in the Archive of the Academy of Sciences, dated June 1756.

1. Göttingen, Elias Luzac, 1756

B. C. D. Dubia de principiis philosophiae recentioris quae cons. ampliss. ord. philos. In Academia Regia Georgia-Augusta  pro honoribus philosophicis publico examini committet Petrus Forsskål Suecus Die [  ] Iunii, MDCCLVI.

Goettingae apud Eliam Luzac.

4°: *6 A–G4 H6, 36 leaves; [6], [1] 2–65 [3] pp.

Reference: VD18 1026065X

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2. Leipzig,  Gottfried Stopffel, [1756]

B. C. D. Dubia de principiis philosophiae recentioris quae  cons. ampliss. ord. philos. in Academia Regia Georgia - Augusta pro honoribus philosophicis publico examini committet Petrus Forsskål Suecus die [  ] Iunii, MDCCLVI.

Lipsiae, ex officina Stopffelia, [1756].

4°: * A–H4; 36 leaves; [8], [1] 2–64 pp.

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3. Copenhagen, widow of Ludoph Henrik Lillie, [1760]

Petri Forsskål, Sueci, prof. philos. Hafniensis et corresp. soc. scient. Götting. Dubia de principiis philosophiae recentioris, dissertatione academica pro honoribus philosophicis Göttingae defensa, d. XII. Junii MDCCLXVI.

Editio altera novis notis et scriptis apologeticis auctior.

[København], typis viduae L. H. Lillie, [1760].

8°: π1, A–M8, 98 leaves; [2], [1] 2–4 [5–17] 18–110 [111] 112–180 [181] 182–192 pp.

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