David DeGeest: Research, Teaching, and Resources

Welcome to my website. 
I am a PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the University of Iowa. I have two major focuses in my work: first, the role of individual differences such as personality, goal orientation, and ability in the workplace, and second, the effects of fit on workplace outcomes and relationships. Recently, I have also become interested in entrepreneurship. 

In 2010, I earned an MBA from the University of Iowa in Finance and Strategic Management.

Before I began my graduate school career, I worked as a teaching fellow, corporate trainer, and small-business entrepreneur in China after completing a degree in mathematics and English at Grinnell College. 

I consider teaching an important part of my career. I have taught negotiations courses twice at the University of Iowa, as well as a variety of business writing and communication courses for various organizations in mainland China and Macau. 

I am a martial artist and teach courses on hapkido, a Korean self-defense martial art. I am 2nd-degree black belt and have been practicing this art since 2008. I also study judo and took first place in my division at the 2012 Iowa State Judo Championships.