These are some of the websites that I have created. Many of them are now converted to Google sites making them easy to edit by multiple editors. 

Astro - Astronomy at Augustana
Dept - Physics at Augustana
xc - results of the home meets of the Augustana men and women cross country teams
ISAAPT - Illinois Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers
Sigma Xi - John Deere Chapter of Sigma Xi
Jenny Lind Chapel - located in Andover, IL and founded by Swedish Pastor Lars Esbjorn
qcceliacs - Quad City Celiac Support Group
agi-58 - class of 1958 of Arlington High School, Arlington, MN
bp-59 - class of 1959 of Belle Plaine High School, Belle Plaine, MN
krip-adv - Krippner Adventures
St. James - Started in 1998 and converted to a WordPress site in 2012
Zamzam - Story of the 1941 sinking of the Zamzam ship by Eleanor Anderson, former member of St. James