Soils, Land and Ecohydrology Research

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology                         
Environment Centre Wales
Deiniol Rd., Bangor Gwynedd, LL57 2UW,
United Kingdom.

email: darearthscience<at>

My research interests focus on change in soil properties and processes within ecosystems driven by land-use and climate change, their spatial and temporal description, and their linkage to hydrology and ecology. Main interests include soil moisture and property determination from plot to regional and national scales, landscape scale monitoring and assessment of soil change, and using technologies and instrumentation, ranging from geophysical methods to i-device apps, to collect spatial information on soils within the context of natural capital and ecosystem service assessment. 

Research areas:

  • Soil Natural Capital and Ecosystem Service Assessment
  • Environmental Soil Physics 
  • Environmental Sensing and Sensor Developemnt
  • Soil Geophysical Imaging
  • Critical Zone Research and Ecohydrology
  • Agricultural and Environmental Soil, Water and Land Management

The Value of Soil