Professor David R. Katz III has been in a college classroom for 32 years teaching just about every conceivable higher education cohort there is, from adult learners to traditional college students, athletes in intercollegiate competition, and inmates within New York State correctional facilities. In addition to teaching within his academic discipline, he has coached basketball on the varsity high school, NJCAA Div. III, and NCAA Div. III levels. He has also taught Social/Ballroom dancing professionally, and he spent his college summers as a life guard and Red Cross Swimming Instructor. To say teaching is in his blood may be a bit of an understatement!

Currently David is the Executive Director of Organizational Development at Mohawk Valley Community College. In that role he creates, implements and oversees programs aimed at the development of a vibrant culture of personal and professional enrichment that reinforces organizational goals focused around student success and empowerment. He is also directly involved in mentoring faculty and staff on pedagogical, motivational, and leadership issues at MVCC, at community college campuses throughout America, at national educational conferences, and to public and corporate audiences.

David holds an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Camden County Community College, NJ, a BA from the University of Massachusetts with a major in Political Science and a minor in Secondary Education, and an MA in Political Science from Villanova University, PA.

He is an endurance athlete who enjoys running, biking, cross country skiing, hiking and mountaineering; often accompanied by his four family dogs (all rescues), Scout, Wags, Winston, and Stella. His other outdoor passion is fly fishing for trout in pristine back country mountain streams in the beautiful mountain areas of the country.

At the center of it all is his family! His lifelong  companion is his wife, soul mate, dance and hiking partner, and best girlfriend ever Marilyn. Although the good Dr. Murphy has a thriving practice as a clinical psychologist, she still manages to accompany David on some of his professional travel adventures. Marilyn and David also have three grown children in the New York city area (Erin, David, and Daniel) that they love spending time with.