1. Research Interests


My research activities fall in the disciplines of stress ecophysiology and biological invasions. More precisely, I am examining the responses to environmental stresses in insect species and the impact of biological invasions on biodiversity. My researches include the study of :

  • the behavioral, metabolic and physiological responses settled by arthropods to survive in fluctuating environmental conditions (thermal fluctuations, trophic, hypoxia / anoxia) and how these parameters determine the geographical range of insect species,
    • the importance of the geographical isolation as one driver in the development of adaptive responses in insects’ populations,
    • the importance of phenotypic plasticity in the invasive success of alien insects (dispersal ability, reproductive potential, behavioral flexibility, characterization of their morphotype / physiotype) and
  • the impact of invasive species on the diversity of native species within arthropod communities.

My main scientific skills encompass population ecology, physiology, metabolomics, proteomics.