Relman lab, January 2011

Left side of the table, from back to front:
Elizabeth Costello, Diana Proctor, Elisabeth Bik, David Relman
Right side of the table, from left to right: Jennifer Dinalo, Sünje Pamp, Stephanie Bachas-Duanert, Katie Shelef, Greg Schmid, Fiona Strouts, Miling Yan, Dan DiGiulio, Henry Cheng, Stephen Popper, Les Dethlefsen

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Current members of the Relman lab:

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PositionNameE-mail (add @stanford.edu)Phone numberPagerSort Name
Principal Investigator David Relman relman 650-852-3308 NA a-R 
Lab Manager Robert Pesich rspesich 650-493-5000 x66582 NA b-P 
Research Assistant Nicole Davis ndavis4 650-493-5000 x63193  c-D 
Research Assistant Anna Robaczewska aniar 650-493-5000 x63163 NA c-R 
Research Assistant Nick Scalfone nscalfon 650-493-5000 x66991 NA c-S 
Research Associate Elisabeth Bik eliesbik 650-493-5000 x63163 NA d-B 
Research Associate Les Dethlefsen dethlefs 650-493-5000 x63249 NA d-De 
Research Associate Dan DiGiulio digiulio 650-493-5000 x63163 650-723-8222, 14212 d-Di 
Senior Research Scientist Stephen Popper spopper 650-498-5998 NA d-Po 
Postdoctoral Fellow Elizabeth Costello costelle 650-493-5000 x64722 NA e-C 
Postdoctoral Fellow Daniela Goltsman dgolts 650-493-5000 x63193 NA e-G 
Postdoctoral Fellow Wei-Ting Liu wliu3 650-493-5000 x63163 NA e-L 
Postdoctoral Fellow Fiona Strouts fstrouts 650-498-5998 NA e-St 
Postdoctoral Fellow Christine Sun clsun 650-493-5000 x66991 NA e-Su 
Postdoctoral Fellow Eitan Yaffe eitan.yaffe 650-493-5000 x63163 NA e-Y 
Graduate Student Tomer Altman taltman1  NA f-A 
Graduate Student Stephanie Bachas-Daunert sbachas 650-498-5998 NA f-B 
Graduate Student Henry Cheng hkcheng 650-498-5998 NA f-C 
Graduate Student Natasha Dudek firstname@lastname.org  NA f-D 
Graduate Student Diana Proctor dmap02 650-493-5000 x66991 NA f-P 
Graduate Student Daniel Sprockett daniel.sprockett   f-S 
Graduate Student Alix Switzer aswitzer 650-493-5000 x63163 NA f-Sw 
Undergraduate Student Laurie Rumker lrumker 650-493-5000 x64722 NA g-R 
Showing 23 items